SWITCH() Expression did not workout for my App

Hi everyone,
My name Holo, I am trying to build an App for a small scale business. So I want to limit who can “add”, “update” and “delete” with this FUNCTION call SWITCH(), the expression goes like this
holofriday@gmail.com”, “UPDATES_ONLY”,
user2@mydomain.com”, “ALL_CHANGES”,
But after making a change and I synchrony my change this is the error I got.

Please can anyone tell me where my mistake is.
Thanks in advance.

Please post a screenshot of the Expression Assistant screen that includes the entire expression.

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here is the screenshot of the Expression Assistant


That’s very, very odd! I’ve never seen that error before! I’m going to have to suggest you contact support@appsheet.com for help with this. I suspect someone will have to take a look at your app.

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Thanks very much for Support, I am very grateful.

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