Switch from table view to map view

I have table with address column.

There is a default inline view as table.
I want to have optional map view for this table.

When I create additional map view, it’s become default, and I can’t see table view.

So the question is how to make table view with option to switch to map view?

How do you mind to give the app users options to toggle the views, either table or map view?

It would be great to have some button in table view.

But I don’t want to have such button as permanent, for exmple, in nav bar, because this button have point while user on this table view page.

I m not really understand what you are saying.

The possible solutions is to place one physical fields to toggle the view for inline (child) , A to B, or B to A.

For example on your parent table, you place toggle column, as Enum. Table View or Map View.

Then on the parent table, you place two LIST type Virtual column, one with table view, else map view.

For those two list type views to be show or hidden to be controlled by the above-mentioned the toggle column to display or not. Just easy showif constrain.

The issue will be the toggle field will be shared across all the users though.