Switch Icon for Display Inline Action


Is there a way to toggle a ‘Display Inline’ action icon based on the value of another column - and have them vertically aligned with each other so they appear to be in the same column…?

In this case I’d like to toggle between a ‘Pin’ and ‘Check’

I have two ‘Display Inline’ actions attached to the same [view_pin] column but they are not vertically aligned and look like they’re in different columns.

The two actions are exactly the same - except for their icon.

The ‘Pin’ icon shows when [branch_form_trigger] <> “Hide”
The ‘Check’ icon shows when [branch_form_trigger] = “Hide”

(a different action sets the [branch_form_trigger] value)

I’m aiming for only one action cause I’d like to set it to fire from the icons and on Row Selected (Branches View)

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:


If the action is doing the same, use one action but change the icon with two different format rules.


Thanks @Aleksi… That did the trick. I didn’t realise that actions could be formatted too… Great… :slight_smile:



You’re welcome