Sync Action?

Is it possible access the sync function as an action?

My goal is to include the “sync action” in a sequence of actions, only to be executed if a certain condition is true. I know how to do this with actions in general.

Essentially I would like my app to sync immediately if a certain condition is met, otherwise, delayed sync is fine.


To do that with delayed sync on, the easiest way is to create link actions that force the sync. Something like LINKTOVIEW("ViewName")&"&at="&(NOW()+1).


You can even include this action into a stack of actions, where you could have several actions that fire off an update some information, and then the sync happens. It’s a really slick system.


This works perfectly - Thank you

I dont fully understand how this works though… im not familiar with this syntax


Including the &"&at="&(NOW()+1) is what is causing the sync. It is appending a string to the dynamic URL saying to load this view and all related data as it exists NOW().


So how would you make it so it syncs after you make an edit to some tables, but not others?

Here’s a quick example of how I could use the action system to force a sync when saving from a specific form (but not others).

Along the same lines, if you wanted to include a sync whenever you simply press an action button: here’s how I incorporated that into the invoicing section of an app of mine.


Thanks @MultiTech_Visions Just as a feature request, there should be a sync action.

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