Sync clogged up

I have an app user with several items in the queue to sync. It appears that the user tried to add data just as I was modifying the app. Error message states:

“Value FI-000196 [our own auto-generate internal work order number] in field ‘Date/Timestamp’ cannot be converted to type ‘Date/Time’.”

I think the column containing our work order number was, very briefly, type ‘Date/Time’ before I changed it to type ‘Text’. I think user entered his info before this change.

How can I unclog his queue?

the only way i have found to do this is to look at the bottom of the menu for ‘reset changes’, this will erase what’s stuck, and you will lose all edits. I usually like to go to “show changes” first which will give you a hard to read but detailed view of the changes you are about to lose, so you can decide what will need to be re-entered. We’re constantly editing, so this sometimes happens if we’re not careful.


I have had the same issue as well and only resolved it with the solution you described.

Thank you! I’ll give that a try.

You should be able to recover the data. You can find it from the end of this article.

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I found this tools very helpful.

It converts the JSON recovery text into a CSV.
You can open that CSV and copy the values into your spreadsheet.


YOU ROCK! cant wait to try this!