Sync Error: file locked by another user

Hi all, Im getting this error thrown when I make any changes to the Orders and Order Details Tbl. Earlier today I had a scare with some data loss, unsure how it happened at the minute but users were unable to make changes and when I went to look at the app data on excel I noticed an entire column of data - very significant key column of the Order Tbl had been deleted.

Only app creators have access to the data source so Im genuinely clueless as to how this happened - and although the data was restored the users were trying to merge changes with this column that no longer existed - therefore received the error “unable to add/edit/delete”.

The users that were unable to sync reset these changes and the app continued as normal. But now this evening Im receiving this error.

I havent seen this previously, but from sharepoint I can see it involves the user access but again only app creators are able to access the app data.

Can anyone advise on this or will I need to contact support?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Someone opened the sharepoint database directly. AppSheet is not allowed to have access at the same time. Same thing happens with an Excel spreadsheet. So, unfortunately, unless that user was you, you have to find who/where the file is opened at and close it.