Sync Error for new versions


I’m having a problem with one of my client’s users. Whenever I update the app, he always gets the latest version of the app (Confirmed the version inside the About View) but he is not getting the latest version of the app definition (Ex: When I add a new column or delete a column) and whenever he syncs the app, he always gets an error (Ex: Sheet1 has only 5 columns in the app but expected # of columns is 7). Our workaround is to clear his browser’s cache whenever we update the app definition. Any thoughts on this one?

Thank you!

I’ve not heard of this problem before. Are you using private tables or partitioning?


No I’m not using private tables or partitioning. Sync on start is also turned on. He is also encountering this error in Chrome. But no problems with Edge.


I have no idea what the problem might be, then. I’m going to have to suggest you engage for help with this. Please let us know what the problem and fix turn out to be!

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Will do. Thank you Steve!