Sync problem. Everthing work fine until 30 mi...

(Bogdan Adrian Mirzea) #1

Sync problem. Everthing work fine until 30 minutes ago. After that all my apps start and frize at sync.

I tried on 2 devices. An android 4.4.4 and an android 4.4.2. Any fix for this problem?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

May I ask what is your account ID number and app name. I can check your app quickly if I can see the same behavior. Is this happening also with the desctop/laptop?

(Bogdan Adrian Mirzea) #3

Problem fixed on 4.4.4 device after a cache and data clear from android app manager. On 4.4.2 device this clear dont fix anithing still not working. i tried diferent apps, owned and shared to me. I dont think is a app specific problem.

Account ID: 141888 In browser

any app is working on booth devices.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Please send an email to with details.


We identified one potential issue with a recent update that may have caused compatibility problems with older devices. A fix for that was released a few hours ago, but we haven’t confirmed yet whether that was the source of these symptoms. Can you try fully closing and relaunching the app a couple times while you have network connectivity (to force the update to be applied), and see if the app still fails to load?