Sync problems between Data and view within Appsheet

Dear Appsheet community,

I have encountered a very weird bug, examples of which I could not find anywhere on the forum. Upon adding/editing/deleting a row on Google Sheets, I can see immediate changes in the “View Data” menu, but in the actual app, the changes will only become visible somewhat 5-10 minutes later even if you sync/refresh immediately.

This problem is only occurring with one of the sheets, where I have 1 actual column and 9 virtual ones containing info from other sheets. The rest of the app works fine, and changes become visible straight after sync when I make an edit on Google Sheets. For this one, however, the sample data is always correct, but what it shows in the preview and desktop version is not.

I have tried deleting this table, deleting related UX menus and adding it all up again, but the issue persists.

Does anyone know why this might happen? Thanks in advance!

UPD: It has just started to work fine again, without me applying any changes. Still curious to know what it was to avoid this happening again in the future.

It sounds like it was probably a Google issue. Unless the expressions for your VCs are super complicated.