Sync removes child records

Hi, I am still trying to get to grips with things and have completely rewritten my app several times as I discover that my approach has been wrong. That’s fine; I am here to learn. I apologize that I therefore come back with different questions each time I change my approach.

I now have a very basic app that has a Members Table and a History table. I do not think the table structures matter to this question hence I have not supplied them.

I have an action associated with the Save event of the Members_Form so that when I save, a history record is created. All looks good. I have my new Member and that Member has a Related Historys record. Then I sync… and the History row disappears. Even if I turn off delayed sync. The sync icon shows the correct number of rows to by sync’d so I am at a loss as to why this should be happening.

My only guess is that there must be some error when writing to the Google Sheet but that looks fine to me.

What’s your Form Saved Action expression, how is your History table schema and column structure? Please fill us in, so that we can help.

Make sure every history record is given its own unique key column value.

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Stupid mistake and just as Steve suggested, I was missing the Key field when updating the History table. I had not expected that to be an issue as the row was good before I sync’d.

Thanks you yet again!

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