Sync returns data to the app before the spreadsheet update is complete

On the subject of synchronization, I am not going to talk about offline work, simultaneous users, nor am I going to question the timing, but rather I want to talk about the order of the steps in the process. Testing my application, based on Google Sheets with bulky calculations, I have noticed the following. The app, after sending the changes to the source, does not wait for the results of its update, but is synchronized with the previously calculated values. This is valid even if the changes are sended automatically and the sync is delayed, that is, manual: if the sync is done immediately, the same happens. To avoid this, I have resorted to artificial measures like waiting a while before syncing or syncing repeatedly, but does anyone have a better idea? Thank you for your attention.

The behavior you describe is consistent with and expected with these settings:


Disabling Delayed sync will cause an immediate full sync after every change. Upon completion of a full sync, all computed column values will be updated.

I have came across same issue Inline view bug - #6 by Rifadm817 in this case i use automation to add few rows to the child rows. I have to wait for a while before i press sync button to see changes.

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Hi Steve, my reaction to your answer got really “delayed”, because I have been doing experiments on it. As far as delayed sync is concerned, I have found that the status of the corresponding control does not influence my situation, it just makes (in combination with the automatic update control) that the sync is immediate, delayed or manual.
I have also understood that my app is complicated because the tables only summarize the results of calculations made by another linked spreadsheet, and the three cars on this train do not interact correctly. This could be a particular problem of mine to solve, but it turns out that it also manifests itself in the simplest cases like the following. If the table (with a single row) has = SECOND (NOW ()) in one column and changes are made from the app in another column to cause the update, the seconds do not always coincide between the table and the app (regardless of the state of the aforementioned controls).
This seems insignificant, but it means a lack of coordination between the change and the sync, which is aggravated, when there are bulky calculations or docked spreadsheets, as is my case. I know this all seems hardly credible, even to me it does. Please correct me, if I am lost.

Exactly, you have to wait for the red circle with the number of modifications to disappear and then synchronize again so that it is really synchronized.

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