Sync Settings? Can anyone suggest the best c...

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Sync Settings?

Can anyone suggest the best combination of sync settings for a launcher and associated (per user) apps assuming the users are aware that they will need to activate sync when required. The majority of data in these apps is reasonably static and used for reference purposes but do include a lot of images, my goal is to speed up the loading of each app being called by the launcher.

At the moment I have everything toggled to on with the the exception of “Delayed Sync”. I am considering the following combination for sync settings on all of the associated apps:-

OFFLINE USE Start when offline NO / Store content NO

SYNC: APP TO CLOUD Delayed sync ON / Sync on Start OFF / Automatic updates ON

SYNC: CLOUD TO DATA STORAGE Server caching ON / Delta sync ON / Worksheet bulk read ON

In case you are wondering I have also checked out AppSheet documented help “Improve the Speed of Syncs with Data Updates”

A steer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.