Sync Stuck and Does not Finish any help



My app is stuck syncing for 474 seconds and then just crashes with no errors. Anyone having the same issues? If you have a solution to this it would be a big help.

(Neal Mf Harper) #2

I am seeing usually long sync times as well across multiple apps, any insights?

(Adam) #3

Agreed, I’ve been keeping an eye on the community for a thread on this. We have an app with a 400+ second sync time or a time out error on the editor if the app doesn’t load. Mobile App users are not experiencing the delay. The app owner has the view that the problems were introduced with the recent Azure outage. I’m not sure of this but they live in it every day.

Performance analyser reports a non-specific time out error and when it does load. The Columns tab shows a red dot indicating a data error but does not reveal where the error is.

(Steve Coile) #4

Check the Info tab for details on the error.