Sync time due to getting version

We have some larger than desired sync times in one of our apps now and I was wondering if these GetAppTemplate and GetCorrectAppVersion times are due to just the complexity of the app or because we have it set to basically keep more than yr or so worth of versions? Currently it goes back to Jan 2020 and is about 1800 versions.



That’s a lot of versions!

We have an app from a coworker that has 3750 and only started in Sept 2020. There’s also another app from that coworker that is already at 2650 since just Mar this year. They save quiet a bit more often than a normal person would I think.

Well if the number of versions slows down the syncs that would definitely be good to know, curious as to the answer myself now.

I wouldn’t think the total number affects it, just the amount that are saved maybe since I made all of our devs set their app version recovery window to 3000 days cause I lost a version that I needed to go back to when it was set to like 7.

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So in theory, sync time does not depend on how many versions of the app you have.

This is because you are usually syncing the latest version and we save that away separately for rapid retrieval. Now if you are syncing let’s say a stable version, then again, we should be caching that away separately for rapid retrieval. But we have some flaws in this caching logic especially as we have reworked our infrastructure, deployed in a new cloud configurations, etc. But that is in the process of being fixed. So any time you see on app retrieval should soon be minimized.

Independent of all of this, there is still a latency in retrieving large app definitions if you are using the app from anywhere outside North America — because the app definitions are currently stored in North America. This is also being changes to distribute this more globally, via replicas/caches in the short-term, but also via partitioning to better conform to data soveriegnty requirements in the medium-term.