Sync time in main view

Dear Community:
In the previous version of AppSheet, in the main view, we had the possibility to see the syn time each time we executed a change in the application through the platform, which gave you a very useful and quick idea of how the application’s performance was . In the current version the sync time measurement no longer appears in the main view. We have to go to the option Manage -> Monitor -> Performance Profile -> Launch Performance Analyzer … and wait.

Does anyone know if there is any way to display the sync time again on the main screen?

I’m afraid we don’t have that option anymore.

Thanks Aleksi.

Could you consider it as an improvement proposed by the partners or users? It really is very useful.

Thanks. Regards

@SmartD What were you doing with this information? I’m also trying to understand why you want to have it in the emulator.

Hi Arthur:
It allows you to quickly see how long an application is taking when synchronizing. If the application is “light” it will be only a few seconds. If the application is “heavy” it may take 40 seconds or more. By having the synchronization time on the main screen, we quickly know how long users are waiting to use the application and realize if it is “light or heavy”.

The other way is by entering the Manage -> Performance Profile tab, but it doesn’t take time to get the data.



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Yes, I would like it in the emulator view as well. I didn’t even know it existed anywhere except I am watching older OfficeHours and it was pointed out: around 25 minutes.

Can it please be added back to the emulator view?

This used to let me know if a change I made while developing an app changed the sync times. I would always reference it while make edits to ensure I didn’t change something that drastically changed the sync times. Now I just find myself counting in my head every time I press save. Please bring this back.

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