Sync Times: Performance Analysis


Could someone from the AppSheet team assist me with this issue.

I have snippets from the performance analyser below. I have pulled out one specific entry logged at 10:34am (UK Time). This sync was about 92 seconds.

Drilling down further to analyse the tables being read in.

  • Requests Complete Elec took 5 seconds to read with only 1 row

  • Order Details Table took 10 seconds to read with over 12,000 rows in it (screenshot shows the end of the spreadsheet)


  • Product List Table took only 4 seconds with over 5000 rows

It doesn’t make much sense to me when I drill into these details how a table with one row is taking half the time a tablet with 12,000 rows is? Or only 1 second less than a table with 5000 rows?

Is this indication of an issue in the app structure?

Help appreciated thank you :slight_smile:

The times displayed for each section can be a little misleading. Lots of different things at play besides the number of rows.
Here’s a great explanation from @praveen:


Following up on @GreenFlux’s comment, if you click on the + for the table, you should be able to drill down father to see what virtual columns if any are slow. Here’s an example from my app:

Another thing that can take time is pages in your sheet that depend on other pages in your sheet. If a sheet in your spreadsheet (i.e. a table in your app) has formulas that depend on other sheets, my understanding is that AppSheet will wind up waiting for your sheets to finish talking to each other before concluding the sync.