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I have two “categories” of users in my app: Dispatchers and Drivers. Dispatchers can communicate with drivers through the use of a “Dispatchers Notes” column that I created. The problem is that when the Dispatcher enters notes, the driver only sees the notes after they refresh the app. Is there a way to implement real-time syncing in AppSheet?

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Hi @tvinci data is save to your tables app have to sync to update the app with the new data captured this is dependent on the user starting the app or refreshing.

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Hi @Francios,

So what you’re basically saying is that what I’m suggesting isn’t possible?




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@tvinci you can use a Workflow with Notification for that.

I thought you needed at least 10 licenses for that.

Why do you think so?

“Email, SMS, and push notifications” can be used also in the Premium Plan with just 1 Licence.

Oh my mistake. I’ve tried doing this before and when I tried to whitelabel the app I received an email saying I needed more licenses. I’ll try again.

Yes. Whitelabel apps require either a PRO plan with a minimum of 10 user licenses, or the PUBLISHER PRO plan.
But this has nothing to do with the Notifications.

Okay so I configured a notification. I click on the “Test” button to see if it’s working and all the Rule Conditions say “False.” Do I have to download it as a mobile app to test it?

Thank you @Fabian :slight_smile:

Here you can learn all about Notifications and you can also look up some sample Apps :slight_smile: