Synchronising to OneDrive

I have a sample app running on an Android phone, Apple phone and a Zebra (hand held scanner). The apps run fine and the new entries synchronize fine. I can see the new entries on all devices. When I look at ‘View Source’, the new entries are in the XLSX sheet. However in OneDrive no new entries are showing up. I want to be able to open the XLSX on my PC and link to another XLS.
How can I get OneDrive synchronised with the ‘View Source’ version of the XLS? (Why do I see a difference?)
I am pretty new to Appsheet, so most likely the most experienced users here know the solution.
Really need the app to run smooth in a few days…

When you see the ‘View Source’, Is the XLSX sheet showing the new entries?

Is the account for the sample app matching with OneDrive account connected with the PC?

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