Syncing gsheet between two applications. I...

(Kim Coffman) #1

Syncing gsheet between two applications.

I have two apps hitting the same gsheet workbook.

One, is called the ‘Volunteer’ app, and is used to assist volunteers at an event to gather information from event participants at the show.

The other app is the ‘Director’ app, and includes charts that show different metrics about the participants that are being signed up by the Volunteers.

The problem comes in, when the ‘Director’ app is only pulling the last iteration of the gsheet made in the ‘Director’ app, and not the very last iteration posted to the same workbook and sheet in Volunteer app.

How can I make the ‘Director’ app always pull the latest existing iteration in the workbook?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

What you mean by “last iteration”?

(Kim Coffman) #3

Open a gsheet associated with an app. From the drop down, locate the option to view revision history. Every time a change is made to the workbook, it saves a new version (iteration) of the workbook. So if you have two applications hitting the same workbook, the app’s will point to the last workbook version saved in that respective app, (and not the latest available).

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

I don’t get the point. If two apps are using the same gSheet and you sync them, both will have the latest data. I don’t understand why are you thinking the gSheet’s version history.

(Kim Coffman) #5

@Aleksi_Alkio I’m more than happy to demonstrate the problem to you, when I have time to take some screenshots.

The problem is rhat the apps don’t automatically point to the latest iteration of the sheet. It points to the last saved iteration known to the app.

Volunteer app points to gsheet.rev4.

Director app points to gsheet.rev2 (so doesnt show the changes made I, rev 3 and rev 4. Csnt state this anymore plainly than this!

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

It sounds that you are not using the same gSheet as a backend… and you don’t have any user settings… slice… or security filters?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #7

@Kim_Coffman Hi Kim, could you clarify what you mean by “gsheet iteration”? Also, what does the extension “.rev2” or “.rev4” mean?

(Yılmaz Kandiş) #8

Hello @Kim_Coffman According to my understanding, I guess what you need is enable the “Sync on Start” option for Director app.