Syncing of data

Query with Spreadsheet syncing on Microsoft Excel. Is it possible to have the source excel spreadsheet open at all times, and data will still sync automatically when operatives in the field are updating the app (adding new entries)? Also is the answer to this any different on google sheets?

One of the main drawbacks of using an Excel file as your datasource, is that OneDrive doesn’t allow someone to have the sheet open when you need to make edits to it via a webcall of some kind - this means that AppSheet can’t make edits to the sheet while someone has it open.

Google sheets on the other hand, is MADE for people to be working on the same data at the same time. You can see edits made to the data live, as they’re made.

I advocate using Gsheets as a data source; once you get upwards of 30,000 records in a table or two, then it’s time to switch to a SQL.