Syncing screen animation

Is there any way to not have the sync animation pop up every time it syncs ? I have it sync after every change and I would rather have it sync without an animation screen. It becomes annoying after a while.



There is no way to disable the animation.

If you don’t have a need to force a sync after every change delayed sync and automatic updates work pretty good.


@Austin_Lambeth makes a good point. Keep in mind that a formal sync performs three functions:

  1. Transmits any data changes made within the app to the server for storage and to make it available to other app users.

  2. Updates the app itself (not the data) to the latest app version, if a newer version is available.

  3. Retrieves any data updates from the server, including recomputed virtual column values.

If you have Delayed sync enabled for the app, steps (1) and (3) happen automatically in the background (while the app is open), without any disruption for the user. The potential problem comes with virtual column recalculation: there’s no clear indicator that a virtual column’s value may be getting an update, so the user may be confused by the outdated value until the data update completes. The forced full sync prevents the user from encountered the out-of-date values. So there’s a trade-off.


Thanks for the replies. I work in an office where row information is constantly being changed by multiple people. It seems that delayed sync and automatic sync would be too slow. Sounds like I may have to hire a developer. Firebase looks good.

Thanks again

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