Syncing taking too long (Delta Sync)?

Hey folks.

So long story short.

I have 30 Tables. Biggest one has 2600 rows. the others have between 50 - 200 rows.

I’m using Google Sheet tables. None of my tables have Goolge Sheet formulas (I am using Google App Script computations, but I was informed AppSheet doesn’t “see” those)

I also have delta sync turned on.

However, syncing the app takes 18-26 seconds, even if I didn’t make any changes. I feel that’s too long.

Reviewing the Performance Analyzer, it shows the app is syncing each table, even though no values on the tables are being changes and no actions are performed.

I thought Delta Sync would only sync a tables if a value within it has changed? If that’s the case, why is Appsheet syncing unchanged tables?

A attached a picture of sync I performed when no values were changed so you can see what I’m referring to.

Any clarification would be appreciated.

When you use GAS, you should have the option Delta Sync as OFF. Otherwise the sync won’t read the data because the app hasn’t updated the data by itself. Try to set it as OFF and see what happens with the sync time and data itself.

@Aleksi I turned off Delta Sync (and Server Caching) and it seems to be syncing a few seconds faster, thanks for the tip. But i would like to improve it a bit more tho.

Here are my sync settings. Is there anything else I should be doing here? Or is something else I need to look at with the data?

Please check the reason from the Performance profile. If you dig the log details deeper and deeper, you will see the reason or reasons for the duration. You can find it from App editor > Manage > Monitor > Performance profile.

@Aleksi that takes me back to the Performance Analyzer screen where i was before.

It still shows that app synching tables that have not been changed

Is that expected behavior? If not, is there a way to prevent the app from synching unchanged tables.

It seems the majority of the synching is from synching my very large table. I would like to avoid synching it unless I edited a value from Appsheet