System Action Edit allows edit of Long Text and EnumList fields

I adjusted the system generated action of Edit for a table to allow edits to a row only when it’s Status is set to IN_PROGRESS but found that the Notes (Long Text) field and an ENUMLIST field were still able to be edited. The fields are set in the Quick Edit of the form but thought Edit would not be allowed regardless. Are there exceptions?

A million thanks

The Behavior condition of the Edit action would not affect the edit permissions of specific columns, these are very separate things.

The Edit action simply allows access to the Form view of that specific record, it does not allow or disallow any edit permissions. All you are doing with the Behavior condition is hiding or showing the action button in this case. This is one way to limit a record from being edited, as many things are only editable via the Form view. But there are other ways that things get edited, such as quick-editable columns (also other actions).

You probably need to add the same condition to the Edit? fields of each of those quick-edit columns in order to stop them from being edited.


Thanks Marc. You’re right. I updated those fields to not Edit when Status = IN_PROGRESS.

Again, thanks!

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