System button for Help file? Would it be poss...

(M. Engel) #1

System button for Help file? Would it be possible to add a system button to provide access to an in-app Help file? I am currently building a Help file in my app and I am having to create multiple action buttons to link to the (dashboard) view of this Help file. I have found no way to have buttons show up in Table views of Dashboard Views throughout the app. If system buttons are not an option, this last idea could also work for me.

(M. Engel) #2

I am afraid I don’t understand. This was said yesterday, as well. I normally have an action change the state of a column. Which command do you mean? (I suppose a VC would be as effective?)

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

If you set the action’s option called “Prominence” as “Display inline” you are able to see another option like “Attach to column”. With that option you can choose where your action is displayed on a table view.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Basically you could do all of them. You can add it to upper menu or 5-menu button or you can call it with the action button as well.

(M. Engel) #5

I understand. But there still is no way to have the action button show up in table views, is there?

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

Yes you can show your action button with a table view. You need to attach it to a column.

(M. Engel) #7

As I understand it, a system button would appear on the top most row, next to the search and sync buttons…???

(Steven Coile) #8

There is no way to add buttons “on the top most row, next to the search and sync buttons”.

(M. Engel) #9

I know. That is why I put a feature request. I thought it was a clever one. You can disable the share button. In the same way one could imagine a help button, only to determine a certain view to refer to (as I said : a help file).

(M. Engel) #10

But, since this doesn’t seem possible, I also asked about an action button showing up in a table view (or in a dashboard view for that matter). Could I get an answer to this? {probably the same one : not possible}


Hi @M_Engel You can add actions to a table view by attaching them to a column inline.You may need to add a column or VC to attach them to.

(Aleksi Alkio) #12

How about if you instead of a help file add that content directly to your app as an in-app help eBook? Then you can create a view and menu button for it. The good thing with this eBook functionality is that when you need to update the content you can do it directly with the app and no file uploading is needed.

(M. Engel) #13

I know. That is exactly what I am doing. Because I took up your suggestion from a few days ago, and a dashboard is what I managed to create. Perfect. Only, I wanted this to be a ref view that could be ‘called’ from an action button, to provide a somewhat contextual kind of help. This works only from detail view, alas. So I guess I will have to add this to the menu…?