System Generated Inline View Arrows at end of each row. How to remove?

On all my inline views, there are system generated white arrows at the end of each row. Is there a UX setting?, change of assigned action?, table setting?, that make these arrows go away?

If you create a copy of that system inline view and ensure that it’s a REF type, the created copy will supersede the system’s copy.

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Thanks. So not following you. This inline view was a new view I added that references a data table slice. How would I designate a copy of this new view as a “REF type”? Unsure of where that setting might be.

Rather than an inline view, your screenshot seems like a table grouping though. Can you give a screenshot from your UX detail?

Here is a different inline view of the same issue.

It seems that you’re grouping the data in this ref table view. Is that correct?

Yes, though I don’t know the implications of choosing a reference view. I simply chose “ref” to keep it out of the “Primary” and “Menu” views of my app.

Sorry, I have no grouping filter assigned to the view. I have filtered the data at the data slice.

OK but that’s the system caret to visually lean the user to click on the row (or the caret) to view the detailed data of that row. It’s coming from the system and you can’t remove or hide it I’m afraid.

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I suspected that. I’ve changed the functionality of the rows and have no need for that system driven action. It just messes up my UX design look.

Thanks for looking into this for me. Much appreciated,

Yep… Unfortunately you can’t adjust that…
Maybe the card view?

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