System keeps creating views when I want to use mine

I changed to using a slice so I could order the fields like I wanted them. But it keeps creating views based on the table. The slice contains ALL the fields in the table it is based on.

Any suggestions? thanks

There is no way to avoid the system-generated views.

Ok. Is there a way to make my app use the system created views based on the slice instead of on the table?

The only reliable, comprehensive way is to replace all Ref values to your table with Ref values to the slice.

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Just to clarify a bit more.

If you use the standard AppSheet navigation, the system will automatically select the target view based on the datasource of the host view.

For example, if I start from a Table View with a datasource of XYZ table and then select a row, AppSheet will navigate to a Detail view with a datasource of XYZ table. If you have created your OWN Detail view with this table as the datasource, AppSheet will use that. If you have not, then AppSheet uses a system generated view based on that datasource.

If I create XYZ Slice and start with a Table View of XYZ Slice, then all of the navigation rules mentioned above apply but for XYZ Slice instead.

NOW, some views allow us, the developers, to control the target view. Table Views and Deck Views are such views. They have a “Row Selected” Behavior property that allows an Action to be set to specify the target view.

So, I could start on a Table View for XYZ Table and attach an Action to the “Row Selected” property that navigates to the XYZ Slice Detail view (or any other view).

Steve, that was the problem.

The virtual column in Requests showing related records was referencing the table and not the slice.

I changed it to reference the slice and it is working.


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