System Views and System Actions

Are there any ways we can delete or disable or hide system-generated System Views and System Actions?

Thank you!

You can choose to hide them, but cannot delete them. If you delete them, they will re-structured automatically with the first refresh of the editor.

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I’m afraid you can’t delete or hide system generated views like Detail_View or Form_View. System generated actions you can hide either with the options “Do not display” or “Only if this condition is true”


even if I hide it as shown in the image, it will still appear on my app.

You mean in the editor??

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@LeventK what I mean to hide or delete or disable the system view and system actions is not in the editor, but in the actual UX (appearance) in the app.

You can delete the views automatically created in the bottom menu and in the hamburger menu. But you can’t delete the detail and form views. However provided you create your own views, they will supercede the views created by the system itself.