System Views inline? Add? I've got a 3-tier h...

(Keith Winston) #1

System Views inline? Add? I’ve got a 3-tier hierarchy: property/violations/photos. I’ve set up ref fields and such so that I can dereference all the way back from photos to property, and in so doing the system auto-created a photos inline view that shows up in the Properties slideshow: I actually like this. However, it has a New button, and if one adds a photo here, it’s referenced to the property and not to a violation, which is going to be trouble. I need to remove/disable that New button (so you can go to photos, but not add a new one from this view, only from the corresponding Violations view), but I can’t figure it out. I assume it’s in a System view or behavior… I’m still learning them, but I can’t find it… I may have “ispartof” problems in there, since I’m not sure I’ve applied that consistently/correctly.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Keith,

If you have a three tier hierarchy, then each Property detail view will show related Violations. Each Violation detail view will see Photos.

By the fact that you said that the Property detail view shows related Photos, it strikes me that the relationships are not quite right. You can see this in the Data -> Column Structure pane.

(Keith Winston) #3

Thank you Praveen. Here’s the deal: as per some support article I read some where, I created the Virtual column in Photos (PropertyRef) so I can do 2nd-level dereferencing. That works perfectly, but creates the photos view in Properies. I hadn’t expected that (probably should have), and I actually like it, as long as I can get rid of the New button in that view. I think that’s the inline view for Photos? Except that of course I need the New for the Photos Inline from Violations. I’m still sorting out system views, sorry if I’m showing my ignorance.

(Grant Stead) #4

If it’s in the form, it sounds like an Isapartof… In the photos column structure go to the column for property ref, and set the isapartof to false…

If it’s inline in the details view, then go to the details view for projects, and simply remove that ref from the columns… (Which means you might need to change the show all columns to choosing which ones you need…) Furthermore, the detail view for projects could potentially be a system view right now…

(Keith Winston) #5

Thank you Grant. It appears that PropertyRef is already false “ispartof”. If in Column Order I list only those columns I want shown (including the ViolationsRef, which results in the Violations Inline), the Photos Inline does disappear. That’s better than nothing. I was sort of wondering though: is it possible to have Photos Inline show up without a NEW button in Property Details, but show up WITH a NEW button in Violation Details? This isn’t very important, and if I hadn’t stumbled upon it I wouldn’t ask, but at least I’m learning a little more about how views work! Thanks for any help!

(Grant Stead) #6

@Keith_Winston yes… What you need to do is create a slice of the photos, and don’t allow adds on that slice… Then use that slice name as the table name for the refrows… Then it won’t allow adds

(Keith Winston) #7

Thanks Grant, I almost follow. I can create the slice, and point the inline to it. But (if I follow) I need to have 2 different Photo Inline views: one looking at the slice, one at the table, aka one without add ability, one with; and the first needs to be referred to in the Properties Slideshow, and the second needs to be referred to in the Locations Slideshow. The problem is, I don’t think I understand how to make that distinction. I think one or perhaps both of them have to override the system Photo Inline view (maybe only the 1st), but then I don’t really understand how to make that the go-to photo inline for Properties. Where is that set? Thanks!!!

(Grant Stead) #8

The properties table should have it’s own REFROW and the locations table should have it’s own REFROW. So, you need to point one to the accepts adds slice, and the other to the doesn’t accept adds slice…