Tabbed Dashboard Not working on Some tablets

Hey Everyone,

What triggers the tabbed dashboard view to happen? Its not happening on all of our tablets here,

We have a bunch of
Galaxy Tab s3 Model Sm-t820 (These ones stay in dashboard view but the screen is far to small for this view so you cant navigate it.

We also have a bunch of Galaxy Tab S5e’s. These ones switch to the tabbed dashboard view and work perfect.

Is there anything I can do to force the tabbed dashboard view on the s3?

I believe it’s based on screen size/pixel width/some other measure because if you take a browser of your app and shrink the width, eventually it will turn into a tabbed dashboard. I don’t know a solution just what is probably causing this, sorry.

Yea, it is ever so slightly wider, may .5 inch.

It’s likely based on some pixels as a percent of screen size or something.
Heres a feature request that you might want to vote for.

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Is there anything That I can force the tabbed view with Context(“Host”)??

As far as I know there is not a way to manually trigger the tabbed view on a dashboard since you aren’t able to enable tabbed view on desktops.

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A theoretical solution is to filter your main tabs using show ifs possibly. I don’t know if you can use Context(“View”) in a show if of a view but that is an extreme possibility of a work around to show “tabs” using the bottom section.

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Better explanation of what I mean is depending on what view you choose out of the menu you could show different sets of views on your primary views

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This would be an excellent use of CONTEXT(), actually.

Austin’s approach is a good one.

I have good ideas on occasion.
You would need copies of your views for the menu and the primary views which technically provides a bit of clutter but it’s not that bad since they’re grouped together. I use Context(Host) to decide whether or not my users land on my mobile view or my dashboards and hiding the appropriate options so I can attest to the clutter being useful.

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Ive just finished this :), Thank you. On to the next issue while going through all this tedious work :wink: .

Thank you, Great idea. Still want a context formula for Dashboard Tabs though :slight_smile:

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Most definitely agree with you there.