Table Column Widths: How can i change the wi...

(Krittaporn Kumada) #1

Table Column Widths:

How can i change the width of Table Columns … especially with “In-Line” views showing related rows of data to the main record??

They seem to behaving inconsistently … with one instance they seem to follow the width of data … with others they are too wide, wasting

screen space. I know i can choose ‘Wide’ or ‘Narrow’ … but the effect is inconsistent!!!

I need to be able to restrict the width of such columns to fit the width of the data … can somebody help please.


(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

You may wish to have some rows of test data in those related tables if there is no existing substantial data in those tables.

Please have test data that resembles the actual data lengths the data will have when the app is in use. The column lengths then tend to adjust per data size.

Also please use the

option of " save and verify" once you have the view settings as you desire. This useful tip is from our senior colleague @Aleksi_Alkio

As for settings “Wide”,“Narrow”,


experience is that it will really depend on the length of the data in columns you have. So you may need a bit of experimentation here.


(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Sometimes you need to combine two or more columns together with the CONCATENATE expression.

(Krittaporn Kumada) #4

Yes … thank you!!

“save and verify” does the trick! I had never used that option before when saving! :slight_smile: