Table does not allow this operation

Hi AppSheet Community,

So, certain users in my app are authorized to make ALL_CHANGES to the routesV5 table. When I type the email address of the authorized user into the emulator, I still receive this error even though that particular user is authorized to make that operation. Why is this happening?

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Please post a screenshot of the emulator that shows both the error and the email address. Please also post a screenshot of the table’s Are updates allowed? expression.

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That certainly looks like it should work. Please post a screenshot of the upper part of the routesV5 table configuration, down to and and including Are updates allowed?.

Does the spreadsheet underlying the table allow edits?

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Yep, that looks good, too…

Does the routesV5 spreadsheet allow edits?

Yes it does. The only way I’ve been able to circumvent the error is with the Editable_If constraint for columns.

Huh?! Editable_If cannot expand access beyond the table settings. If setting Editable_If allows access, the problem is elsewhere.

What operation is being attempted that produces the error?

I reset the table settings before playing with the Editable_If expression. I am attempting to add to the Routes V5 table.


@tvinci is there any of the marked setting in below picture were MANUALLY changed when connecting the tables/sheet to AppSheet?

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Is Access mode set to as app creator?


This explains it! I never looked at that before.


Glad that fixed it!

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Bravo @Steve :clap:
Again very helpful support.


Hi @Steve,

I am curious what could have caused the name of the source not matching with the source path:

is it the same bug as below post?

Or something else?

In my experience, if one changes the name of the spreadsheet–the file, not the worksheet–the change sometimes takes awhile to be seen in the app editor. It shouldn’t be a problem, though, because the app editor access the file by a file identifier that doesn’t change when the file is renamed or moved. If in doubt which file the app editor is using, click on the table’s View Source button to be taken to the file.


Thanks for explaining this. For information, I am taking a little bit un-common path, which is using a SharedDrive to internal team, so I will be using the Access Mode as app user which end-up to be the issue here.

However, since the SharedDrive is already shared to the users, I shouldn’t get to the same problem as this, unless something really bad happening such as a bug changing it-self the source file. I will post in another subject soon when I see something like this (I hope not).

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A bug I had when using this approach is that the app won’t run unless you share access to the spreadsheet with the users.

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