Table from smartsheet is blank in appsheet

Dear all,

Is there a reason off your mind why adding a smartsheet table , nothing is shown in appsheet …Calendar,table,deck views all empty… The smartsheet source table is not empty. I double checked by clicking “View Source”.

The table was originally in excel stored in google drive. I changed the source to a mostly same table in smartsheet by changing “Source Path”.

-j- erry

I have zero experience with SmartSheet, so I can only guess. Check theses settings:

Hi Steve,

I had removed the table at that time and added the smartsheet table today. For some reason, the table is not blank anymore. :thinking:

Any chance that the key column’s values were blank or now the app marked another column as a key which has unique values?


Hi Aleksi,

Because it is a possibility and I can’t verify anymore, I’ll mark this as solution for others who might need to troubleshoot in the future…Thanks as always Aleksi!

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You’re welcome