Table Key changed lost older data

I updated a table key due to a duplicate error (_rownumber was used but caused errors) but now i have lost the reference link to the parent table. I still have what i thought was the connecting unique ID in both tables in the spreadsheet - why are they not referencing? The new data being entered connects fine but the old data is not showing up. Can i reconnect the old data someway?

When you have changed the key column in your parent table, the child record has lost it’s parent and you are seeing that with a yellow triangle. You should change the parent record’s ID in your child table so it could find the correct parent.

Thanks, I believe it was because the new child table key was full of null values for the old data. I have the parent and child’s connected via a “ref” type column (1 to many) and a separate key for the child table. The key was set to the row number but I started to get duplicates with the higher number of users, so I created a new key based on now() and a machine model. Anyways once I populated the new key column in the child table it relinked everything and it stopped overlaying my old data which got a bit scarey!

Thanks again - love the platform, just need to keep my L plates on a bit longer :grin:

You’re welcome