Table not able to find worksheet


After having a problem with a column in a sheet that stopped me from copying the googlesheet, my app can’t find the worksheet.

I have now have an Order Details table that can’t connect and the option to add Order Details as a table again.

Do I have to delete the old one and start again. I can live with reconfiguring all the columns in the table but obviously have lots of expressions that use “Order Details” and I can’t change them all to Order details 2 for example



Did you rename the worksheet? If you rename a worksheet in the workbook, you must reconfigure your app to use the new worksheet name.

Did you replace the spreadsheet file? If you delete the spreadsheet file and create a new file of the same name, AppSheet will not see the new-but-same-named file as the intended data source. You’ll need to reconfigure your app to use the new file by reselecting it in the table configuration.