Table not found

The backend is working. Why am I receiving this error?


Can you give us a little bit more information?

  1. Where are you tables set up (in the backend)? Spreadsheet on Google Drive, DataBase on the cloud?
  2. Do you get any error message in the Editor?
  3. How are the tables defined in the Editor?
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  1. Google Sheets
  2. The editor is fine
  3. Routes and Clipboard have a parent-child relationship. (I believe this is what you were asking.)

If you would like to check yourself it is Clipboard 11. I can add you as a user if you like because I have a users table that grants users different permissions. You may not be able to replicate the error if I don’t add you as a user.

Thank you.

A couple of things to check:

  1. Is access to the spreadsheet specified as “as app user” or “as app creator”? (Ref:
  2. When you go to the Editor, select one of the tables in Data > Tables and click “View Source”, are you able to open and see the spreadsheet properly?
  1. App Creator, but the problem persists when I switch to App User. I have tried.
  2. Yes
  1. Can you check the audit logs and see if you get any errors there? (Ref:
  2. If you press F12 or Function+F12, a console will open; what error messages do you see there?

I discovered the reason for the bug and fixed it.

The reason for the bug is that the emulator was confused as to whether to access the Spreadsheet as the email address specified in the emulator or the email address linked to my account.

I think this is a bug in AppSheet.

Hey Tiffany,
Can you clarify? Were you trying to preview the app in the emulator using an email address different from the one you set up for your AppSheet account?

So I have a users table in my app that specifies users email addresses and their permissions in the app. I wanted to test the app so I designated myself in the table as a user with limited permissions. But AppSheet knows I’m the creator. So when I tried to use the emulator with limited permissions it didn’t work.

I worked with @Aleksi on discovering the bug.

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