Table of Users to have access with Show if

I am creating multiple UX views and want to reference an “access” table. This would basically be a table listing out useremails with access level 1 or access level 2 and so on. Then inside the Show if I want to basically say show if useremail has access level 1 or 2 or even 3 and others to only show if access level 1

I found something on another topic for access to specific apps which is CONTAINS(LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),UserTable,Email,App),[AppName]) but I am searching for something that would almost read like this CONTAINS(LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),UserTable,Email,Access),[accesslevel=1,2])

I hope I am not confusing here, I am a newbie here.

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Please check out this article, it has been written for security filters, but applies perfectly to your use case:

More concretely, this should work:

IN(USEREMAIL(),SELECT(UserTable[Email],IN([accesslevel], {1, 2})))

Thank you! If I am doing this for a UX view of a table how can I make it so a useremail can only see only certain rows that contain specific text in those rows. For example useremail can only see rows that column name contains “John”?