Table references have disappeared

When I first created my App and generated the tables, the App created references to the shifts relating to a particular Hospital.

I have two Tables; Hospitals & Shifts.

Initially, when I clicked on a Hospital, the detail view would pull through all shifts related to that hospital. For some reason, this has now disappeared and I don’t know or understand what I have done for this to have changed.

Can anyone assist me with this?

Hello @Gregory_McIntyre, there’s a few things you can check:

  1. Is the column [Related Shifts] visible?
  2. Does the [Related Shifts] column retain it’s default Ref_rows() function and name?
  3. Is the [Related Shifts] column present on the list of shown columns in your Hospital detail view column order?
  4. Is there a column in the [Shifts] table that is a reference to the [Hospitals] table?

Best guess is you’ve renamed a spreadsheet column name