Table Rendering on Browser - Column is not aligning with header

This started happening today, I haven’t made any changes to the app, the table column alignment is drifting to the right of the column and gets progressively worse with increasing numbers of columns.

It looks like it doesn’t affect columns 1 & 2; only 3 and beyond…
Is this a view within your Appsheet app, or a file that your app generates?

It’s a view within the app

Turns out this was also a bug created by the latest release as it’s gone away now that it’s been rolled back.


Hi @Aaron_Blau ,

Apologies for the issue you’ve encountered. If you contact support please let them know to assign the case to me and I’ll look into it.



Hi Maria, Thanks for your reply, as I mentioned in my previous post, this was resolved when they rolled back the update that was causing other issues, please let your team know that this bug was caused by the release today.


Hi Maria,

It appears that the alignment issue has returned.

Let us know what support says. I’d bet they resolved the other issue, re-issued yesterday’s update with the one bug fix, but didn’t address or weren’t aware of this alignment issue.

@hodgson.doug it was something like that, yes. The problem is specific to right-aligned numeric columns. I’m not sure if we can get a fix out today, if not it will likely be Monday, but as a workaround you could temporarily disable right-align numeric and/or accounting format from UX/Options (both cause right alignment).


But its so ugly when its right aligned :sob:

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