Table Security Condition not restricting access as configured

I have a simple histogram based directly on the table in place and its only displaying 2 out of over 20 records.

I checked the table for security conditions and it does have the following:

[Assigned to]=USEREMAIL(),

-I am currently an “Administrator” in the “Users” table.
-I cleared my cache and the system still did not recognize me as an Administrator and restricted the info.
-I removed the security condition on the table to see if the chart would display all records, saved, refreshed but it still only shows the 2 out of 20 overall records.
-Confirmed there is more data than the 2
-Confirmed I’m logged in with the email in the database.
-I double checked its the correct database.
-Tried the following on the security condition as well:

[Assigned to]=USEREMAIL(),

The security condition truly needs to be in place but I’m not sure why its not operating correctly. Have I missed something?


Sounds like the security filter isn’t the problem at all, given:

I suspect your chart view is misconfigured.

Hi Steve, this is the configuration of the chart: It seemed pretty straight forward but maybe I’ve selected the wrong chart type? I’m looking to get total price for each “Depot” designated on the quote.

RESOLVED. Regenerated table and now able to see data as expected.

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