Table showing most recent for each row

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How can I filter a table of records and show the most recent of each unique one? My table is made up of a log of repair orders by date, and I would like to filter by only the most recent ones. So basically, out of 100 rows there could be several records with the same Repair Order but with different dates. I would like to list all Repair Orders but only the most recent ones. I have been struggling with this all day, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Hi @AsherDSimp_simpson If you search the documentation for MAXROW You may find a solution.

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Thank you for the reply, I have tried MAXROW(), but cant seem to get it to return more than one row. I am sure there has to be a easy solution. Any other thoughts? (I want to display ALL Rows, BUT only the most recent version of each REPAIR ORDER) Thanks again!!