Table to accessed by assigned users

(John Henry Joseph) #1

SWITCH(IN(USEREMAIL(), User Updates[Members List]), “ADDS_ONLY”, “READ_ONLY”)

Actually, I want a table to accessed by assigned users. What is the error in the above expression please.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Try… IF(IN(USEREMAIL(),User Updates[Members List]),“ADDS_ONLY”,“READ_ONLY”)

(John Henry Joseph) #3

Thanks Mr. Aleksi. It works.

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(John Henry Joseph) #4

Sorry @Aleksi… Its turn down now.
Consider the below Tables.
KPI - each row will hold a description of Key Performance Indicator.
KPI Members - Child table for KPI, where you can add “Team member” (key is KPI ID+Team Member.
User Updates - where the assigned users can provide their updates for KPI (reference from “KPI” table.
Now My problem is If anyone select a KPI, the system should identify the user should add a new updates or just only read.
So, I create a virtual column “Members List” in KPI Members table and applied the above suggested expression in “Are updates allowed” of “User Updates” table.
But, it doesn’t seem work. Can you please help me out.

Thanks in advance.