Table 'Transactions' has an implicit (RowNumb...

(Sumiit Melekaar) #1

Table ‘Transactions’ has an implicit (RowNumber) key – if multiple users insert or delete entries concurrently, data loss can occur. Updates may apply to the wrong record or could fail entirely on some data sources. How to get rid of this error?

(Philip Garrett) #2


You should either choose a key column from you existing table fields or you should add a new column to act as the key. See this article - What is a Key?

What is a Key?

(Sumiit Melekaar) #3

Thanks Philip for taking time to reply to my query. I read the article you mentioned but I don’t understand what changes to make. Where should l i do the changes and how? Should i add virtual column or in the sheet? Then next what should i do? I tried but same error. May be im missing something.Please can you explain it in detail step by step. Please help!

(Marc Dillon) #4

You can do it by creating a virtual column, marking at as a ‘key’ and ‘required’, and putting UNIQUEID() in for the initial value.

Or if you are certain that your table already has a column that has a unique value for every row, you can mark that one as your key column. For example if you only ever do one or less transactions per day, then a date would make a suitable key column. But if you did more than one transaction per day then it would not because more than one row would have the same value.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

@Marc_Dillon The first solution won’t work in real life. If you create a virtual column for this purpose, it would generate a new unique value everytime when you sync the app. The app won’t accept this method either.

@Sumiit_Melekaar The easiest solution is if you add one text column into your table (it needs regeneration) and write an expression UNIQUEID() into the initial value field. Then you can hide that column totally.

(Marc Dillon) #6

Oh, good catch!