Table Update Expression Error Help

I am trying to configure a table update expression to allow ALL_CHANGES if the userrole is Admin and if multiple ref_rows are blank. My expression and error are as follows:

It would appear that this type of configuration is not allowed or I am making some errors. Can I only use this type of expression in the ‘Delete’ Action for this table or am I doing something else wrong? Please help.

Expressions here are for the whole table, not specific rows in the table, so that kind of expression isn’t going to work.

You can use slices to put specific records into each slice, and set the data change permissions per slice.

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Hm, but if I remove [_THISROW] from in front of the column names, then I still get the error “Unable to find column MonthlyReports”. So are you saying that I am not able to use [Column] at all in this expression?

The expression you place there is not evaluated in the context of specific records. Which means, yes, you can’t use any [column], including [_THISROW].

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