Table view and resulting detail view can't edit or find


I’ve got a table view and what looks like a system generated detail view. I have the “Show System View” setting checked. I can see all other system view and detail views for other tables and slices. But this one Table view I created isn’t allowing me to see therefore edit the detail view. Below the emulator is this:

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 10.15.56 AM

Where can I find the View with just “detail”? What am I missing here, is this actually sitting under a different set of views?

I’m guessing Allure Only is a slice? In some circumstances, AppSheet does not automatically provide the system views for slices, so you’ll have to create your own. In this case, create a detail view for the Allure Only slice and choose the ref position. You may also want to create a form view for it as well.

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Steve, as always you are correct! It is a slice. Good to know about Appsheet’s system views for slices. I’ll create my own as you suggested!

Thanks again!


OK. Added My own Detail view…works fine!
However, since this table is “Update Only”, it doesn’t look like I’m allowed to add a Form. Is Quick Edit columns the only way to be able to update the values in the row?

Update mode can use a form. Do you get an error? If so, please post a screenshot.