Table View Difficulty

I have a very simple data table with 3 rows x 10 columns.

I am having trouble creating a Table View in UX.

This is the result

That’s a “Deck” view. Change it to Table here:

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Thanks Marc - I actually have it set to table view.

But I am getting only the deck view - that’s the mystery.

You must be looking at the wrong view then. It tells you what view you’re looking at underneath the emulator.

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Here is full screen shot

“New View” seems to rendering differently in the emulator Vs Browser Tab. In the Browser Tab, it still looks like a deck view

Nope, that’s a table view. What are you expecting to see that is missing?

I was expecting to see all of the column field data displayed in rows

Maybe you’re wanting to turn on Horizontal Scrolling?

Or specify the Column Order?

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Enabling Horizontal Scrolling does make the mobile app emulator behave as I want.

But, the browser tab view is still the same and it does not seem to matter whether I sort on any field or not.

Column Order is not important to me as I first just need to be able to display the columns in the tab view.

Marc - I was incorrect. It is now working correctly in Tab View once I had enable Horizontal Scrolling.

I just had to refresh the “New View” button at bottom of the screen.

Thank you so much !!!


The Browser Version is always “sticky”, it will take a while to show the latest version of the app. Use Ctrl-F5 to force-refresh your browser window, then do a manual sync.


Thanks again Marc