Table View does not show all my entries

Good day AppSheet.

For some reason I cannot get my table view to show all my entries? I have re-created this a few times from scratch and even regenerate structure with no avail.

Herewith some screenshots on what my Table on Google Sheets look like and what it looks like in AppSheet.

You are using Date field as a key column and you have duplicate values in that column. You should use something else as a key column where values are unique.


I have changed it :slight_smile: it made no difference…
I am dumb struck where to from here.

Hi @shjanestone
What is your key column now?


I have 5 columns in total - I have set the key differently on all 5 with no avail.
I am thinking - perhaps my Google Sheet has some setting(s) preventing AppSheet to pull through the data?

Only 2 entries shows as oppose to about 30 >.<

It still sounds that your key column is not properly set.

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I have a similar issue.

What happened is that i uploaded my excel file in the google drive/cloud while some filters were on and I started to create the app

Then i noticed that rows which were excluded from the excel filters were missing. So i went into each column and made sure that there is no filter. When i look at the Source, i see all the rows but when i look at “view data”, i dont see the rows excluded from the inital filter i had. The app has the same row missing. I deleted and recreated the data table, regenerated the structure, but same rows are missing.

I thought there might be some slices included already or other rules, but cant see anything. Labels and Keys seem well defined given all other rows are shown. I have spent some time on it already but cant seem to solve the issue.

Note that all other tables i have added and which had no filters when i started the app function well.

Any help would be welcome

Thank you

Please check that you don’t have any duplicate key values. Also… check that those missed rows have value in a key column.

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