[Table View] Freezing the first Column of a Table View - in Preview Program

The following feature has been added to the Preview Program. Feel free to test the feature and report issues or possible improvements in this thread.

Table View now supports freezing the first column while scrolling horizontally. This is automatically enabled when

  • First column represents the key or label of the table AND
  • First column width <= 50% of screen width AND
  • If table has at least 3 columns

When these conditions are met, the first column is frozen by default.

When user scrolls, first column remains frozen

Note that when a user changes the width of the first column, this can enable or disable the feature.

Please give us your feedback in this thread!



I’d definitely prefer a manual setting in the View definition, at least as substitute to the first listed requirement, the 2nd two are probably fine for all cases.


Previously, I was reproduced with dashboards.

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great! i love it!

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100% cause I don’t want this feature on any view that I currently have. And if I did, I don’t want it to be something I can’t explicitly control per view.


Yeah… AppSheet may be trying to handhold a little too hard with the conditional rules as to when this will be applied. Surely the logic would be much simpler to just let us decide on a UX per UX view what to do?

Any benefit app creators get by these dynamic rules is short lived and end up being points of frustration with the platform. One obvious annoyance with this is that, I may not want the label column to be frozen in the table view. In this case I will have to create a virtual column to carry the same information as the label, just to sidestep this functionality.

A bigger issue is, there is already conflicting considerations applied to labels. Labels are currently shown in form dropdown boxes, and wherever REF values are displayed… The problem is, sometimes we need more contextual information about a REF when we are selecting it from a form as opposed to when it is being shown in a detail view. This just adds another layer of complexity to an existing issue.

Please give us more explicit control of these features on a per-UX basis. Also please give conditional labels…!


Great!!! I like it

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Yes, I agree with other.
We prefer to control on the indivisual view setting level rather than globally.
Just simple turn on and off regardless of which columns is set first, no-key, non-label, or key or label, which would not be a matter.
At the same time, better to have control over how many number of first colunn will be freezed, rather than one. Just one, two or three options. could be enough though.


I tested a column set to Image and label, and saw this column will be freezing when we place at the first place. But I believe we app creators better to have options to select any column to freeze rather than ones set to label only.

By the way, this is one of the feature we have been waiting for years, thank AppSheet team.



I echo the same.


Nice feature, however i dont seem to understand why trying to re invent the table view and not simply allow all features like in excel/google sheets that are proven to be needed and liked.
Freeze panes
In column filter

All these can be done by the user rather than by the creator.

Here is a video showing how, as a user, i can filter all my inline data in a table view in Salesforce.
Allowing users to have true power of engaing the data.


It could be more powerful and useful if we can push expression to apply dynamically such as using context expression.
If on browser, then freezes, otherwise not, something like that.




@RamyaKolluru I second everyone’s sentiments. I would like freezing the column to be a deliberate setting. Sheets, Excel, etc. Are all deliberate. I don’t know of any examples where the first column is frozen automatically.

Please roll this back.



Do we have freeze columns in the editor yet? That would be way more useful.


Cool! By the way, this reminds me that it would be nice to be able to freeze tabs at the top in detail view. I gave up on using these tabs because the table heading disappears right away.


Great feature but like most people are saying it should be manual/optional like google sheet, and allow for column and/or row fix

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I so agree Lynn. I always forget which row I want. I also want the ability to move columns. There are some I ‘always’ want to see and others I never touch.