[Table View] Freezing the first Column of a Table View - in Preview Program

Looks like a great addition but why not let the developer decide the number of columns he would want to freeze for a specific table. More often than not, there is more than one column that is required to apply freeze to. For instance, ID and Name… What in such case ?


VC [ID]&" "&[Name]

But then you dont have all the controls like sorting and all , right ?

You can still sort on it, you just would need to switch it to Name&ID instead if you wanted to sort on name. I don’t really see that as a massive deal, appsheet’s already the platform of work around so.

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Would you please help by making both first col and first row freezable just like in Google Sheet.
are you going to add this in coming update?
appreciate your comment.


100% agree.

Also, consider cases where you might have alternate views into the same rows but showing them with different info. For example, Work Orders may want to be viewed by Customer, by Assigned Tech or address. Each these context would likely have a different first column AND since the purpose of freezing the first column is to identify a specific row in the view when scrolling, we might want to freeze any of these columns to aide the user in keeping in line with the correct row.

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Encountering a small bug I don’t see expressed here.

I am seeing the first column frozen but the row dividers are not consistent within that frozen column. See image.


In half of my tables this has proven to be annoying. It’s better to have it as an option that can be enabled or disabled from the view itself.

It is not smooth, and most of the time I have to swipe several times for the columns to move.


These are not always the columns suitable for the freeze.

So I’m losing 50% of the viewing space of my screen. This is a LOT.

Unfortunately changing the width of the first column has no such effect.

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