Table View Group Aggregate is kinda confusing...

(Rogério Penna) #1

Table View Group Aggregate is kinda confusing?

Imagine showing a table with 3 columns, each one with 30 values.

Group Aggregate is chosen to present the sum of ONE of those columns.

While the App Creator will know (well, maybe even he will forget) which of those columns was chosen to be summed in Group Aggregate, most users won´t know. If values are similar (let’s say, Gross Value, Liquid Value, etc) it may require a user to sum the many rows by calculator to know to which column the value is refering to.

Which is one more reason why there should exist, on Table Views, a SUMMARY option, creating a virtual line below the table (or below groups, if groups are created). And in this summary option, you then choose columns which will be summarized and the type of summarization (sum, average, etc). Those summarizations always appearing below the specific column.

That way, if we created a Group Aggregate summing a specific column, we can just add a SUMMARY and include that same column in the summary, so user will have an easy time seeing a Group Aggregate at the top, but if he doesn´t know to what column that number refers, he can see the summary below the column and will know it’s the same value as the group aggregate.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

One workaround at this moment is the virtual column. If you write a fixed value like CONCATENATE([GroupColumn]," - ",“Summary field name”) they would know what that value is.

(Rogério Penna) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio any info if column summaries are planned to be implemented in the next months.

I am right now checking several other options to create business apps (some of them already discarded because they were created for business with $100 million in revenue or more, like Outsystems and TrackVia). AppSheet is still the most affordable I have searched and one of the most simple, with it’s integration with GoogleSheets, DropBox, etc.

But the lack of column summaries, as well as difficulties in managing dashboards in Desktop (browser) view really kills it to the project I need.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Unfortunately I don’t have any timeline for that. If you need any help with your issues, I would glad to help you to find a way.