Table View - Grouping - How to close the listed items even we have single grouping criteria

Tips for table view grouping.

I’m not perfectly sure when we lost the function, which was available before. It should be gone due to continuous update and upgrate of the feature, so I didn’t mind.

In the past, when we have only one dimension to make a grouping, we used to repeat the field names. On the editor, I looked like this.

However, currently, we are not able to select the same field name twice. When the filed name is used for grouping, then the same fields name won’t be available for further drill down.

Hence, in case we have only one grouping for table view, all the line items are visible at the first place.

By accident, I found a way to close the accordion and only the grouping field name are visible at the first place. This is super easy.

After you select the field name for grouping, then secondly select field of [_rownumber] for second grouping.

Then this will close/hide the line items.

That’s it.